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Case of cooperation

Anhui Lanshi industrial glass Limited by Share Ltd


Anhui Lanshi industrial glass Limited by Share Ltd, founded in 2002, is a joint-stock private enterprise. The company is located in No. 199 Jinxiu Avenue of Hefei Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 80 mu, with an industrial plant of 17280 square meters. It is a construction safety glass enterprise which integrates production, sales and engineering installation. It is one of the top 30 glass processing enterprises in China.

Our products include flat bending laminated glass, tempered glass, composite hollow LOW-E energy-saving safety glass; special thick plate tempered glass, fire-proof glass, riot-proof glass, bullet-proof glass, multi-color screen printing glass; self-made R radius 51m bending steel laminated glass and five-color screen screen printing glass. It is widely used in building curtain walls, doors and windows, partition and decoration.

The company has many advanced advanced building energy-saving glass processing equipment and facilities at home and abroad: imported automatic glass cutting production line, automatic control pretreatment production line, glass processing center and water gun cutting equipment, forced convection flat bending tempering furnace, hollow LOW-E glass automatic production line, screen printing Brush glass production line and laminated glass automatic flow line. Annual production of various types of building safety and energy saving glass about 2000000 square meters.

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Address: No. 1285 Yan Nan Road, Bengbu national hi tech Development Zone.

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