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Cutting machine

CNC-4228-M Automatic Glass Cutting Machine (Automatic Film Removal)


Main functional and technical parameters:

(1) Cutting parallelism: <0.15mm/M

(2) Diagonal accuracy: <0.2mm/M

Cutting Bridge Speed: 180M/min

(4) Belt conveying speed: 28M/min

_Cutting head positioning accuracy error: +0。05-0。1mm

Linear cutting accuracy: <0.15mm/M

_Profile cutting accuracy: <0.2mm/M

Maximum Cutting Size: 2500mm x 2000mm

Installation power of equipment: 5。5KW

Main functions and technical parameters of membrane removal:

(1) Membrane removal rate: 0-60M/min (adjustable)

(2) Revolving speed of membrane grinding wheel: 2000-4000R/MIN (adjustable)

(3) Width of film removal grinding wheel: 20mm

(4) Diameter of film removal grinding wheel: 150 mm

Independent layer suction device: collecting LOW-E metal film dust

Cylinder stroke: 30mm

Minimum Machining Radius: 150 mm

Power: Increase 1.5KW

Controller: USING GALIL Six-Axis Controller

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