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Cutting machine

Magnetic levitation cutting line for jingling


The beam and trolley of the magnetic levitation cutting machine are driven by linear motor when they are moving in the direction of X/Y。 The motor and stator of the linear motor are not in contact when they are moving。 Usually the clearance of 1MM is kept, just like suspending on the guide rail, and driven by electromagnetic force。 Therefore, this kind of cutting machine is commonly called magnetic in the industry。 Suspension cutting

Technical parameters:

High magnetic grating ruler resolution: 1 m

Precision of magnetic grating ruler: +20 m/m. Because terminal display is adopted, the intermediate transmission link is avoided, so the magnetic grating ruler has higher precision. The cutting precision is expected to be 0.1-0.15m m/m.

Performance characteristics:

High accuracy: full closed loop control

The full closed-loop control used in the control system has no intermediate transmission link, so the equipment has a higher accuracy in theory。

Scope of application:

Because of the high cost and high precision of magnetic levitation cutting machine, it is recommended to use in the industries with high cutting requirements such as automobile glass, high-end household appliances, furniture glass.

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