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The price is weak in the South and stable in the north.


Recently, the spot market of glass has shown a pattern of weak in the South and stable in the north。 Production enterprises mainly increase the funds from the warehouse and withdrawal, and the market confidence is general。 Under the influence of the fierce competition of some large enterprises, the whole price of South China market has fallen again, while the price of the northern region is relatively stable, and the manufacturer can still leave the warehouse。 Especially in Central China, prices have risen by a certain margin。

From the regional perspective, some manufacturers in South China's prices fell slightly follow-up, market confidence is insufficient; while the adjacent central China's prices were positive, prices rose slightly. The prices of factories in the southwest part of which did not rise in price were also followed up slightly. Some manufacturers in Shahe plan to increase their price by 20 yuan on the 12 day. Regional trends are as follows:

The general trend of spot glass market in East China today is general. Production enterprises mainly increase the funds for outwarehousing and withdrawal, and the market price changes little. The recent regional changes in the glass spot market have a certain impact on the confidence of the East China market. The price drop in Southern China is not conducive to the stability of spot prices. Although the price quoted by manufacturers in central China rose, the sales policy for traders in eastern China remained unchanged, and the number of glass imported into eastern China from Shahe region did not decrease significantly. Shandong will soon hold a large-scale international event, the current glass production enterprises have begun to have a certain impact on the transport of products and raw materials. It is not conducive to the outgoing of glass production enterprises. It is estimated that the stock of production enterprises in Shandong will increase in a certain extent.

Glass spot market in South China continues to weaken today, production and marketing situation of enterprises is not good, some manufacturers price adjustment. Some manufacturers returned from overseas shipments of more glass impact on the domestic market, while some production lines do not stop production in the short term also caused changes in TRADERS'market confidence. In the near future, there is no obvious increase in terminal market demand, which also slows down the speed of purchasing by processing enterprises. Manufacturing enterprises in central China have a better market confidence, some manufacturers quoted slightly higher, other enterprises have followed up.

The overall trend of the spot glass market in North China today is still acceptable, the inventory of the manufacturing enterprises has not changed much, and the market confidence is general. After the early release of warehouse, some large manufacturers have a certain extent of inventory decline, alleviating the financial pressure. In order to boost market confidence, the company released news that the price of 12 yuan down 20 yuan, but also to allow traders in the near future to increase the number of glass procurement. While other enterprises are mainly watching, they have not followed up actively. From the market price of glass sales in Shahe area, some manufacturers still have the behavior of lowering the price, indicating that the actual consumption of the terminal is not as optimistic as the production enterprises advertise. Traders are also cautious about the spot market.

Glass spot market in Southwest China is generally in general trend today, and the speed of production enterprises out of warehouse has not changed much. Some manufacturers' quotations have risen to follow up previous manufacturers, while traders are cautious. Today, the general trend of the spot glass market in Northeast China is general. The production and marketing speed of the manufacturing enterprises has not changed much, and the market price is relatively stable. The number of glass transported to the Southern China market by local manufacturers has decreased. Nowadays, the general trend of spot glass market in Northwest China is general, and the output level of production enterprises is maintained at the early stage, and the market price remains unchanged for the time being. A regional coordination meeting will be held tomorrow, and a slight increase is expected.


The adjustment of prices in manufacturing enterprises in Southern China is not surprising。 Traders are also reacting mediocre。 In the case of high inventory, the rainy season is not suitable for storage glass。 The price rise in central China is confined to the region, and the prices exported to the peripheral markets are still in accordance with the previous standard。 The major producers in Shahe Prefecture anticipated price increases, mainly to increase the volume of recent shipments of traders, further reduce the manufacturers'inventory。

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