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Service Network

Service Network

Anhui jingling Glass Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sales Hotline: 0552-4093567 / 0552-4096663

Fax: 0552-4079802

Company address: No。 1285 Yannan Road, Bengbu, Anhui。

Guangzhou Office

Tel: 0757-27337127

Fax: 0757-22818116

Address: Lun Jiao Industrial Road, Shunde, Foshan, east of the 105 National Road, international machinery 3#.

Shahe Office

Tel: 13865066907 (bear manager)

Address: 329 East Road, Shahe provincial road, Hebei Province, via three agricultural bank。

Contact us Service Hotline:189-5520-6612

Address: No. 1285 Yan Nan Road, Bengbu national hi tech Development Zone.

Sales Hotline: 0552-4093567

After sale hotline: 0552-3110051

Fax: 0552-4079802


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